Essay on George Orwell 's Nineteen Eighty Four

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For hundreds of years, human beings have been fascinated with how their own minds worked, and have even built a science around the concept: psychology. But for as long as humans have been interested in discovering how the mind words, there has also been those interested in exploring ways to control it. In his political science fiction novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, George Orwell describes the methods used by the Party, the reigning political power in the nation of Oceania. The Party controls every thought of the citizens of the country it governs, and cruelly and severely punishes those who do not comply. In his novel, Orwell explores the inner depths of the human mind and comments on the suggestibility, impressionability and malleability of the human psyche. Orwell explores these concepts by showing hoe easily the Party is able to control the people’s thoughts, ideas and opinions through the use of Newspeak, advanced technology, and propaganda.

Words are the number one way that human beings communicate with each other. This in fact is one of the main things that separates humans from other species of the world: the fact that we are able to translate virtually any thought, feeling or emotion into words and express them vocally. The ability to form word is also a key element in the basic human right of free will. One is able to form any thought in his own mind, mainly because it is a completely unconscious action, and secondly because it is impossible for anyone else to stop…

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