Gendered Aspects Of Gendered Society Essay

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Society as a whole is a gendered being; from the beginning of history books to the current period in which we live gendered feelings have led the decisions and actions of society and its’ peoples. While many people would agree that this is an issue that needs to be addressed, it has been and will continue to be a constant piece of the structure in which our society is continuously built and maintained upon. This paper will review examples of gendered actions in the gendered society that is present throughout the film Legally Blonde. This paper will bring an abundance of information and evidence to the forefront of thought and analytical realization and will aid in proving how much our society can be gendered and how well it is accepted as an everyday thing for members in a society. Legally Blonde:
Gendered Depictions As a society we are so used to the idea of gendered thoughts, actions, and decisions, that they have become second nature throughout the daily lives of many, if not all of us. As women we accept the fact that many men will try and hold the door open for us, or offer to carry something that may seem to be too heavy for us; men, you are taught from a young age “ladies first”, whether chivalry is dead now or not, these things were drilled into the heads of most of the population as they were growing up. On the other hand, the spectrum of gendered relations can extend to gendering the sexes through ways of judgment, unfair treatment and the like. We live in a…

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