Gender Socialization : Children 's Literature Essay

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Gender Socialization Issues in Children’s Literature From the time a child is born, they are consistently exposed to literature. Whether it is fairytales, alphabet books, or Dr. Seuss, these pieces of literature become a very important part of the first stages of a child 's life, and their thoughts and feelings are often built around what they learn from these books. In an abundance of cultures, storytelling is the most effective way of transmitting values to those who are younger, and thus children’s literature has a large effect on the values children acquire. An issue that has been very prevalent in today’s society is gender equality and socialization. Many people choose to refer to gender as being either male or female, however the term gender is actually a social construction regarding what the mental and behavioral differences between a boy and a girl are. Literature is written based on the author’s understanding of the social world around them, so the values of the time period in which a piece of literature is written is definitely affected by the way a society feels about certain issues. Gender socialization in a child 's life is influenced significantly by the way male and female characters are portrayed in children 's literature. The dominance of male gender portrayal and the establishment of gender roles are two issues that have an effect on the way children think about gender. However, some special pieces of literature have the ability to break this cycle…

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