Gay Marriage Should Be Legal Essay

1172 Words Nov 24th, 2014 5 Pages
Gay marriage has been an issue at the forefront for years. As of 2014, gay marriage has been made legal in 35 states. Although same sex unions are not allowed in all 50 states, there are significant benefits of allowing same sex marriages. Two people who love each other and want to be bound by marriage, should have that civil right regardless of sexual orientation. Any state denying these rights to any individual is nothing more than discrimination. We have laws to protect individuals from discrimination and the denial of marriage to same sex couples is exactly that. With many being against gay marriage there are many compelling arguments for gays to marry and have the same rights as heterosexuals. Same sex marriages would allow couples to obtain medical benefits and would allow those individuals to speak on the behalf of a partners wishes in cases of medical emergencies. In states where same sex marriages are illegal, a person does not have the right to make any medical decisions if a partner becomes ill and needs medical attention, those rights are left to their next of kin. Nor does that person have the right to make decisions about funeral arrangements. Assets could be in question, and when other family members get involved, it could lead to a bitter issue. If a couple were to marry assets would automatically pass to the spouse and many issues could be avoided. For states that do not allow gay marriage there is a lot of red tape and paperwork involved in…

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