Gay Bullying And Social Media Essay

856 Words Nov 18th, 2014 4 Pages
Homosexual Bullying There are many innocent teenagers who identified themselves as being gay, lesbian, and bisexual and they have been bullied and harassed in school property and through social media from other students. Bullying is aggressive behaviors where majority of teenagers are being harassed, teased, and threatened in elementary school through high school and are repeatedly abused physically or verbally almost every day. Why should these innocent teenagers be treated differently because he or she is attracted to the same sex? Majority of students who bully homosexual students make threats, spread rumors, and judge the way he or she look, act, talk, and dress. Many students who are bullied tolerate and face these negative and abusive comments during school property and through social media, and they are too afraid to stand up for themselves. Although bullying has been one of the major contributions for many teenagers especially homosexuals in school property and through social media, students, teachers, and parents should be involved and prevent bullying immediately because students lead to depression and commit suicide. According to DeShields F., a nineteen-year old college student, interviewed on November 16, 2014 (Personal Interview), who has happened to be a lesbian, has been bullied since elementary school until her senior year of high school. Throughout the years, students would laugh and ask rudely if she was a boy or girl because she dressed like a…

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