Frankenstein, By Mary Shelley Essay

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Frankenstein by Mary Shelley definitely qualifies to be placed in the horror genre of books. It has many of the elements needed to be a horror story. There are many extreme and lonely landscapes in Frankenstein, for example, the desolate island that Victor creates and destroys Frankenstein’s companion. The mysterious atmosphere also keeps the reader guessing what will happen next, and the creation of Frankenstein is also supernatural but it is explained in the story. There is also very high emotions within the story, from the byronic hero Victor, to his creation Frankenstein, and the other supporting characters. These are reasons to believe that Frankenstein is classified as a horror novel.

The atmosphere and setting goes hand in hand in a story. Often the extreme and lonely setting sets up a suspenseful or mysterious atmosphere in Frankenstein, which leads to a significant event in the story. An example is when Victor heads ever northward into the ice, which is exceptionally cold, and he sees Frankenstein getting slowly closer to him, thus his vengeful energy encourages his pursuit. The icy landscape closely resembles Dante’s ninth and innermost circle of Hell in The Inferno. Sinners are placed in the ninth circle of Hell because of their sins against their God. When Victor created Frankenstein, he dabbled the secrets of nature. He sinned against God, which led to Frankenstein and Victor in the northern ice or an interpretation of Dante’s ninth circle of Hell.


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