Forensic Pathologist And Autopsy Of The Unsolved Riddle Essay examples

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Everyone wants to know the answers to the test, to find the missing piece to the puzzle, to solve the unsolved riddle; that is what an autopsy can provide: Answers. The answers can be in the form of a saving a life by finding family history of disease, research to find a cure, or clues to the last minutes of a person’s life. This paper will focus on the forensic pathologist and autopsy, the education requirements, types of autopsies, the procedure, job statistics and skills required. There are numerous shows on television today that glorify the forensic science profession, shows like Crime Scene Investigator (C.S.I.), Law and Order, and Dr. G. Medical Examiner. What the television doesn’t show you are the long hours and years of schooling it takes in order to become a pathologist, a person who performs autopsies. It takes a minimum of 13 years to become a licensed pathologist. A person must hold a high school diploma, and a bachelor’s degree. The bachelor’s degree can be in any field, but must include the pre-requisites to enter medical school. Future pathologists attend four years of medical school, and then proceed to four to five years of training in anatomical, clinical, or forensic pathology. Following the pathology training a one-year residency or fellowship in forensic pathology is required. The last step is passing a board examination to be a certified forensic pathologist. It is recommended that people interested in pathology excel in all areas of…

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