Foodnet Analysis for Nutrition Essay

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Houman Kargar
NUT 150, Wu

Exchange List Analysis of Food Intake

In this assignment, my purpose is to evaluate my food intake for carbohydrate, protein and fat content while comparing my intake with U.S. Dietary Guidelines. To bring this to fruition, I commenced by recording my total intake for a typical Sunday (excluding the insignificant biscuit and shot of grape juice served at church, of course!) I proceeded to list the amounts and exchanges for each food, totaling the number of exchanges for each food group. I used the diabetic food exchange list in our textbook as a guideline and reference for this task. Finally, I used the FoodNet program at the Learning Resource Center to input the number of exchanges and to
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Based on my findings in this assignment, I can make some very simple conclusions. It seems that I am consuming too much protein (more than double the recommended intake) and not quite enough of carbohydrates and fat. In fact, the variance from goals for protein is 14.34%. To improve my situation, I could adjust my daily diet slightly so that approximately half of this variance is contributed to my carbohydrate intake goal, and the other half to my fat intake goal. Overall, I believe that the nutritional quality of my diet is very good, but there is certainly always room for improvement!

I believe that there are several factors that influence food selection and eating habits. These would most likely include psychological, physiological, technological, social, geographical and economic influences. Currently in my life, the number one factor that determines my food selection and eating habits is the fact that I live with a wonderful friend who has graciously offered to let me live with him free of rent and food charges, due to my financial situation and difficulty in finding gainful employment. This is especially important to note since he also does most of the grocery shopping and cooking in our household. My food choices are usually limited to what he has available (and there is certainly plenty available!). Fortunately, he likes to feed me very well. I never miss a meal and each meal is fit for royalty. Most of what we eat on a daily

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