Finding Forrester Essay

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Jamal is Innocent In the movie, Finding Forrester, Jamal meets a man by the name of William Forrester. By the fault of Jamal, Forrester acquires Jamal’s journal which were full of his writing. Forrester, a renowned author, corrected Jamal’s work by adding his own thoughts. After Jamal’s journals were returned to him, he began working on his writing with Forrester. At the same time, he was offered the opportunity to play basketball at a private school. No one at the school believed Jamal had any academic capabilities; they only believed he was there to play basketball. One of his teachers even went as far as to accuse Jamal of plagiarism. However, Jamal Wallace is innocent of plagiarism because he demonstrates a high level of …show more content…
Jamal was talking with the Dean’s daughter. The Dean did not like that Jamal was teaching his daughter how to play basket ball and flirting. The next situation was when Professor Crawford made Jamal sit in his office and write his paper. This was unfair because Crawford did not make any of the other kids sit in his office and write their papers. The reason Professor Crawford did that was so that Jamal could not cheat like he thought he was. In addition at the end of the movie, when Jamal was proven innocent Professor Crawford was still not being fair to him. Crawford was still holding Jamal accountable for plagiarizing when Forrester told him that he did not. Crawford treated Jamal differently compared to the other students because of his race. The final reason why Jamal is innocent to plagiarism is because Jamal is very intelligent. In result to Jamal’s test scores he is a very smart student. In Jamal’s free time , he reads books quite often, so he knows how to write really good papers. Also Forrester was helping Jamal write his papers. Jamal was being taught by a famous author, so how could his writing not show improvement. Finally, when Professor Crawford’s was talking about famous quotes from famous authors. Jamal was catching all of Crawford’s mistakes when identifying quotes from famous authors, because he knew the quotes. Professor Crawford did not like the fact that Jamal knew the quotes

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