Film, Failsafe And Dr. Essay

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Both film, Failsafe and Dr. Strangelove depict the issues of the establishment and use of the Atomic bomb in correlation to that of the fear and anxiety of the threat of Communism. Class lectures discussed that during the Cold War era, American society is on the edge of nuclear war, where the ideology of never letting the “reds” win prevails over the idea of possible world annihilation. Nuclear technology casted a whole new approach for a future war. Massive retaliation established the idea in the US to reconcile Cold War aims with a defensive and security strategy by placing emphasis on nuclear weapons. At any time and place of its choice, the US would be willing to respond to any communist aggression with the prospect of massive retaliation. Split beliefs were evident in both films which demonstrated how and why the possible worst case scenario of the time could occur. Both American and Soviet worlds were on edge at the time, exemplifying how such scenarios would have developed themselves. Failsafe and Dr. Strangelove thus have similar messages to the audience about the Cold War Era. Both illustrate the issues, foolishness of associated ideologies, actions and beliefs during the nuclear situation. Both presented how easily nuclear war could occur. Furthermore, similar themes were included such as the following. The idea that Russians are the enemy at all costs comes into question, the anxiety about the Reds, and the issues of the annihilation of the world through nuclear…

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