Fermentation Is A Metabolic Process Essay

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Fermentation is a metabolic process which involves the conversion of sugars to acids, gases or alcohol. Fermentation occurs in the body when there is a lack of oxygen supplied to the muscle cells, but also occurs in yeast and bacterial cells. In the body the fermentation process becomes significant during oxygen deprivation episodes, thus becoming the key method of ATP production. Cells tend to avoid fermentation considering the fact that generally, with the exception of strict anaerobes, yeast and some bacteria there is a reduced amount of ATP production in contrast to oxidative phosphorylation which requires O2. Anaerobic conditions, in aerobic organisms prevent glucose molecules in the body from the last steps of glycolysis to continue to the Krebs’ cycle. One of the products that can be achieved through fermentation is glycerol. Glycerol is a simple alcohol, formally known as 1, 2, 3-propanetriol and is used in a variety of industries such as, the food, paper, pharmaceutical, automotive, paint, textiles and cosmetic industries or feedstock for producing other chemicals. An example would be fermented glycerol, which produces 1,3 propanediol, used as a reactant for the chemical synthesis of trimethylene terephathalate which is a newer and superior type of polyester with virtually no environmental malignant production methods. Glycerol production occurs either by fermentation, chemical synthesis by using raw material used to make petrochemicals, or the by-product of…

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