Essay on Feminism Critical Anthology

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Aleksandra Warpas
‘Duffy’s collection The World’s Wife is nothing but feminist propaganda’. Consider this view in the light of your readings of Delilah and Anne Hathaway.

In The World’s Wife Carol Ann Duffy explores ‘the blinding effects of ideology’; the inequalities between men and women, and how women are portrayed in literature which stereotypically would be either the ‘dangerous seductress’, ‘cute but essentially helpless’, ‘unworldly’ or the ‘self-sacrificing angel’ as stated by Bertens. Feminists stress the utmost concern towards gender divisions in society and although Duffy portrays this division I do not agree that The World’s Wife is nothing but feminist propaganda. The noun ‘propaganda’ suggests that her work is agenda
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By doing so Duffy evokes empathy towards ‘Delilah’ and consequently
Aleksandra Warpas

pushes the feminist propaganda that ultimately the woman suffers more due to the gender inequalities thus they must resort to using their bodies and being immoral. Furthermore, the repetition of ‘he’ proposes that they engaged in the sexual act purely for ‘Samson’s pleasure, the stanza focuses on the male rather than female which further illustrates ‘Delilah’ as a subservient object and ‘Samson’ as the dominant man. This shows how male characters are ‘denigrating, exploitative, and repressive in their relationships with women’ as stated by Miller. Ultimately, ‘Delilah’ conclusively reaches her goal and ‘with deliberate, passionate hands’ cuts ‘every lock of his hair’. The adjective ‘passionate’ conveys the idea that ‘Delilah’ takes pleasure in disarming ‘Samson’ and taking his power away; this is a reversal of typical gender stereotypes and the feminist belief that all men oppress all women. Through this Duffy criticises power relations and representations of women in literature, sequentially conveying feminist propaganda.

However a stronger interpretation would be that In Delilah Duffy takes a well known biblical story of ‘Samson’ and ‘Delilah’

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