Female Ideology On Ideal Beauty And Behavior Essay

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In American culture, we’ve explored the force behind society’s influence over the female ideology on ideal beauty and behavior. Many have made a stance against this force and sought to control society’s influence over the female struggle; however, we fail to acknowledge the male struggle. Society’s impact over the male ideology on “what it takes to be a man” has been effective for as long as its impact on women, and just as poisonous. The consequences and torture concealed in the pressures induced by masculinity, particularly toxic masculinity, must be brought to our attention.

Characteristics of Manhood Then & Now

Masculinity can be defined in various ways but all definitions revolve around the idea that it refers to the qualities associated with males. The definition has ultimately altered due to the circumstances and environment in which we live in. There are, however, attributes that have instilled a long-term affiliation with the idea of masculinity. According to the journal, The Art of Manliness, there are three attributes, or as they call the “3 P’s”, that make up the foundation of masculinity for as long as we’ve known: protect, procreate, and provide. The protection quality goes beyond the image of an animal protecting its family because it also applies on an emotional level. It’s the natural tendency in men to conceal their weaknesses and to establish a guard for the amount they allow themselves to display emotionally.
The significance of procreate…

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