Essay Federalism And The New Federalism

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In the United States, federalism is a term used to indicate the relationship between the state government and the United States federal governments. After the founding of America, there was a shift of power from the states towards the national government. Today federalism has gone through other phases such as the new federalism that is of concern to this paper.
The new federalism movement appeared in America in the late 20th Century and early 21st Century. This term is a political philosophy that means devolution of power. This philosophy was initiated by President Ronald Reagan and was characterized by the reverting of power back to the states. The states had lost this autonomy due to President Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal. The main aim of the new federalism was to restore some autonomy and power back to the states. It was also expected to reduce the control effect of the federal government over state governments.
In assessing the new federalism policy, we can look at it from two perspectives: the legislative aspect and the judicial aspect. These two aspects are what shape federalism. The judicial aspect represents the controls of the courts on the federal and congressional powers of the states. On the other hand, the legislative aspect represents the controls by the congress on the federal government thus empowering the states (Modisett 141). The judiciary under the new federalism
With federalism comes the aspect of separation of powers that is a system of imposition…

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