Fashion Design Essay

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Jarrett Evans
Mrs. Johnson
English III – P.7
14 May 2013
Dripping Swag My research paper is over the career of Fashion Design. I chose this topic, because I have always had a desire to one day have my own clothing line and see other people support me by wearing my creations. Also because I like to mix different articles of clothing and create my own unique style to go out and express to the world. This paper will highlight the details about a fashion designer, like what type of education you need, skills required, the work environment, and their salaries. Fashion Design is a career where people express and use their creative ideas to create the best clothing on the market. For many of years the practice of changing the style
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But little do they know that not many fashion designers are that successful or get that type of recognition for their work. You have to work hard and work your way up to be a big time designer. “Most fashion designers come out of college and are hired as assistant designers. Assistants must prove their ability before being entrusted with the responsible job of the designer” (“Fashion Designers”). Designers salaries depend on the there work, skill level, and sometimes where they work at. Also the salary money they make depends on the rate the consumer is buying your product. “You can make $200 to $250 a day, but a independent stylist can make even more like $300 to $350 a day which adds up to around 100,000 annually”,( Vogt, Peter. "Fashion Stylist.") . The ones who persevere and are determined to make great clothing are the ones whose clothes are advertised in different stores, worn in runways and are paid big bucks.
Fashion designers have to have a passion for what they do. They can’t just design anything; they have to design something that they know will catch the consumer’s eyes. They make clothing for every gender, every age, and in every color. Designers have to know what the new trends are and they have to know that they change day to day. This is where designers do there research on past and future trends. So every day they have to create new things for the future cause these trends

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