Family Factors Affecting A Family 's Economic Success And Family Health

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“The relational well-being of families is an important factor affecting a family 's economic success, physical and mental heath, the readiness and success of children in school, and the engagement of youth in positive and productive roles. In short, the strength of family bonds is crucial to a family 's capacity to provide, nurture, and care for its members. "Strong Family Relationships" is defined as the relational well-being of families. While the successful promotion of "strong family relationships" is clearly tied to ensuring family economic success and family health, this brief focuses primarily on strengthening the formation of families, the interaction of parents and children, the connection of families to social networks, and the adequacy and quality of necessary family resources.”

Family is a word which everybody knows, however, only few understand what does it really means. The definition of family in the Webster dictionary is a household; ones own spouse, parents and children. Some people may say that family is a friendship, love, and joy; while others say it is pain, agony, and anger. My family is my support system. My mother, my father, my three brothers, aunts, and cousins all provide me with some type of support or guidance. For me, family is the place where I learn most of my values and find a belonging. Family is love, friendship, and support. Many teens at my age today have stopped valuing a good, close, inner family relationship. One of the biggest…

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