Family Assessment My Sister's Keeper Essay

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Family Running head: Family Assessment

My Sister’s Keeper
Assessment of the Fitzgerald Family

SBSN 360P Professor D. Hoitt, MSN, RN
21 March 2013

The purpose of this paper is to provide a selective assessment of the functional status of the Fitzgerald family. This premise of this assessment is to define areas of strength and or weakness is the family system. Due to the limited amount of contact with its members, this evaluation is not to be viewed as a comprehensive and exhaustive list of findings for this social unit. This is merely a limited overview of the family’s ability to cope and grow in spite of the chronic condition of promyelocytic leukemia in the eldest daughter.

Identifying Data “My
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The Fitzgerald wardrobe is a mix of fashionable wear mixed with denim and t-shirts. Their diet can be pieced together from scanty details. At one point in the movie, the viewer can see Sara and Kelly in the background preparing fresh vegetables for the evening meal. Included in the movie dialogue, as almost a side note, is the statement that everything that they eat is “steamed and organic”. There is little evidence of any social network. It seems that Brian has an advantage in this area. This is exemplified as he and Anna stop by the station for a meal, while he is on duty. (Cassavetes, 2009)
Religious identification is much harder to make. In the prologue Anna discusses her theory of life, as far as how it begins. She claims that there are souls waiting around for bodies to be “born” into. In the end Anna claims that Kate became part of the sky. The only glimpse that is ever really portrayed is at the final gathering around Kate’s bed. There was much discussion over “New Age” metaphysical phenomenon. There don’t seem to be any religious constraints on consumption of alcohol. During the beginning of the movie, the father is seen actively consuming two beers, while Sara had a glass of wine. Later in the movie, during an act of self-pity, Kate had no problem obtaining a bottle of alcohol with which to consume her medicines in a failed suicide attempt. No indication is made to aversions or tolerances of abortion, the parents showed little, if any, moral qualms with

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