Fairy Tales Are No Strangers Essay

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Fairy tales are no strangers to adaptations. It’s rare, today, to come across a fairy tale that hasn’t been adapted in one form or another –and even rarer to find a fairy tale not known for its Disney adaption. Disney is often thought of as the “machine” for modern day fairy tales, and millions each year get fairy tale fix through the companies’ seemingly endless line of movies. Is this a good thing, to have people know of fairy tales only because of the work Disney did with them? Many would argue yes. But the fact of the matter is this: core elements of fairy tales are often lost a Disney adaptation –elements such as realism, original nature of story, and message/effect. What people are fed by Disney is a white-washed, and often times dry version of fairy tales that are merely second-hand to the original works themselves. People like say that they know fairy tales, but all they know are what Disney shows them –which is, and can be, a pity since they miss out on so much realism/effect, nature, and power of theme that the original story could have offered.
For starters, Disney had this ideology that magic can solve anything, and that fairy tales aren’t meant to be realistic. In fact, it’s become so that people have this predetermined view of fairy tales that is linked to “fantasy” and “fairy tales being unattainable”. Fairy tales, as intended, were supposed to echo real life, and be grounded enough that people could relate to them or take something away from them. Take,…

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