Factory Farming Is A Cruel, Unsanitary, And Abusive Practice Essay

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Factory farming is a cruel, unsanitary, and abusive practice that has many harmful affects not only the animals confined in slaughterhouses, but also on unsuspecting consumers. By creating tighter government regulations regarding how the animals are raised and how the meat is treated, we could avoid all of the potentially deadly side effects linked to factory farming.

While mass production of poultry and beef has done wonders for restaurant supply and company profit, the measures taken to provide for large corporations is an outrage. If you take into consideration exactly how much beef is consumed worldwide in McDonald’s restaurants alone, the numbers are overwhelming. To put it into perspective, McDonald’s sells 75 hamburgers per second, with America alone consuming over one billion pounds of beef per year. That’s 5.5 million head of cattle, or 8,000 square miles of cow, which is approximately the size of the entire state of New Jersey.

Chickens are now being raised in half the time they were in the 1950’s. At just six weeks old, they have so much difficulty supporting their hormone-pumped bodies that they spend 90% of their lives lying down. These mass-produced chickens are raised entirely in the dark. Their breasts are so enlarged they’re often unable to walk. This became a common process after a few years of farmers experimenting with the addition of antibiotics to animal feed. It was approved after studies showed that animals that consumed feed doused with the…

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