Essay on Exploring Ethical Theories Of Privacy

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Exploring ethical theories of privacy
Nerissa Jack
BUSI 303
Mr. A. Andall Question 1
Technological advancements have made computer systems highly important to businesses. The main purpose of computer systems in work places is to increase efficiency but furthermore to store valuable job related information. When many individuals think of monitoring computer systems at the workplace the first thing they tend to ask themselves is “What am I doing wrong?” or many persons may even think of it as spying and an invasion of their privacy. On the other hand supporters of workplace monitoring will view it as a form of protection and “extra security” in safeguarding company’s assets. Additionally, “companies claim they are forced to implement and fully enforce work place monitoring of employees as a result of changing nature of work and to ensure workers’ safety, productivity and compliance.” (Boatright, 2007) So is monitoring computer systems morally correct in the business context? This will be assessed in the preceding paragraph using the utilitarian and the Kantian’s perspective.
Privacy is now evolving into a big issue when it comes to employers becoming more vigilant in monitoring employees and employees demanding privacy on the basis of “it’s their rights.” Privacy tends to be a difficult term to be defined since everyone may view and interpret privacy uniquely. W.A. Parent gives somewhat the most accurate definition of privacy which is “The condition of not having…

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