Exploration Of The 18th And Sixteenth Centuries Essay

1004 Words Nov 30th, 2014 5 Pages
Victoria Major
Mrs. McAndrew
Honors World History
December 1, 2014
During the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, exploration has changed in many different ways. It started to become more and more advanced by the second. Not only did the countries gain power in many places, but it also brought control and wealth as well. These were essential to exploration because if it wasn’t for trade, many places like France, Spain, and England wouldn’t have the control and power over the countries they own now. They also wouldn’t be able to interact with the natives who already were there. Therefore, the French, Spanish, and English wouldn’t be able to complete one of their main goals which was to expand Christianity and make more money. Economics, politics, and religion were factored into European exploration and colonization of the Americas in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. The main reason why places in Europe were so interested in the New World was because of the European economy. The Europeans wanted a way to make more money so they decided to go to the New World. This eventually led to exploration. The economy in Europe was mostly depending on agriculture. This has a big impact in exploration because this is the entire reason why people from Europe started trading with other places in order to get their country more powerful and wealthy. As the economy started to grow, so did the population of most Europe. And this was supported by many wealthy people…

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