Exploration Of Country United States Of America Website Essay

1703 Words Apr 14th, 2016 7 Pages
In assignment one, I choose to exploration of country United States of America website. The website is divided into seven parts on the top of the website. The seven parts of the website which included: “government agencies and elected officials, health, housing and community, jobs and unemployment, money and shopping, travel and immigration, and more services.” In this website, it shows us how to find the government services and information by topic on the middle of the website. The amazing part in the website is we can contact government agencies and elected officials to president, U.S Senators, U.S. Representative, federal agencies, governor, state legislators, state agencies, local, and tribal. At the end of the website, it shows up the way to contact USA.gov by phone, email, or chat, the basic information about this website, and stay connected with the website in Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, google, or RSS. In my analysis paper, I am going to explain litter bit for each section and mainly focus on travel and immigration part. Government agencies and elected officials page including: “the A-Z Index of U.S government agencies, branches of government, contact elected officials, contact government by topic, and state, local, and tribal government.” When you click on the agencies, it shows the order of alphabet of agencies and website, contact, main address, email, phone number, toll free, government branch to learn more information in detail. The agencies is under the three…

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