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: Building a Brand with Social Marketing

1. Dagny Amber Aslin creator and owner of The Exchange saw a unique need to make it easier for horse professionals to buy and sell their horses. Aslin grew up riding and working with horses and knew the difficulty that horse professionals had when trying to buy or sell horses. She took this as an opportunity to create a specialized website for high-end competition hunter-jumper horses. At the time many of the websites in which you could purchase horses were unreliable, contained old information, and required a lot of time weeding out the reliable information within a multitude of unreliable classified ads. In creating The Exchange, Aslin wanted to make a website
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The Exchange also utilizes Twitter, which has over 1,800 followers, and provides links to The Exchanges Facebook page and its YouTube channel. The latest social media platform The Exchange has employed is Pinterest, which garners a lot of potential because of the ability to post photos and videos, which play an important role in marketing. Of all the social media outlets that The Exchange utilizes, Facebook was mentioned to be the most successful social media platform. According to the case study, The Exchange was able to generate over 50,000 visits during the first nine months of 2014, with 57% of the visits coming from desktop users and 43% coming from mobile users. The percent of visits from mobile users was up 200% during the first 6 months of 2014 compared to the first six months in 2013. Aslin the owner of The Exchange reported that her use of Facebooks,’ Boost Page Post Ads option provided good results. The Exchange’s use of Facebook’s Boost Page Post Ads, help to expose their ads to specific groups of highly engaged people. The idea is that through targeting the right audience, you will get more likes, comments and shares, thus expanding the audience and making your ad exponentially more visual. Aslin’s use of Google Analytics and help her to measure the success of her social media efforts. For example, Google Analytics showed that although she only received 10 ‘likes’ for her add

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