Exceptionalism Essay

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I was riding in a bus between Mozyr and Honiki though a mostly uninhabited area, due to the radio active fallout from the Chernobyl disaster. When we did stop at a small village we were surprised to be violently confronted by an elderly lady prepared to take on the world. Stick in hand, she told us to go back… When we explained we were not orange shirt Ukrainians here to overthrow the government, but Americans, the stick came down, and she welcomed us openly.

I sure was glad I wasn’t from the Ukraine right then, I didn’t yearn for a beating from an elderly Belorussian any more than you would. But it meant more than just that. It was a history we were touching. Another elderly woman we met there was freed from a concentration camp by
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You see, the idea that we look for approval assumes that we already consider having the approval of others better than not having the approval of others. This implies good and bad. In other words, morality. Charles Darwin used circular reasoning to explain morality.

Yet morals have no true worth in themselves. Asking what morals are is kind of like asking, what is money? Money represents something of value. Morals work in a similar way. If there is nothing behind morals they are worthless. If Darwin was right and morals were just invented by us for our self interest, then morals would be inherently worthless.

But morals are worth something. We all know that inside. We see daily examples of immorality in the news and around us constantly, we know those things are wrong. The most basic morals are instilled in each of us.

In order for us to have morals, there must be a moral law and in order for us to have a moral law, there must be a moral law giver who is transcendent and all-knowing in order to give them any worth. God gives morals worth. God instils inside of each of us a keen sense of right and wrong. Charles Darwin does not. Just as the image of US presidents are put on the dollar, God’s image is stamped on us. Fortunately, we are not made in the image of Darwin, otherwise we would have big long beards and…

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