Evolution Of The Field Of Biomedical Science Essay

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Evolution is a gradual process that produces changes that can be seen over generations. Evolution has several important aspects. The first of these aspects is that we all share a common ancestry and are, therefore, all related. The second aspect is that of natural selection (Pickrell, 2006). Natural selection is the process during which organisms become better adapted and more suited to their environment. This increases their chances of survival, and thus they are able to produce more offspring who are also equipped with these advantageous adaptations. One example of this process is antibiotic resistance. Evolution is a process that can contribute to the understanding of many phenomena, especially in the field of biomedical science. The significance of evolutionary theory and its ' contributions to the field of biomedical science will be discussed during the course of this essay.
The evolution of pathogens in the field of biomedical science is an extremely crucial topic as it affects all aspects of healthcare. Humans have suffered from various infectious diseases since their origin. The range of diseases that humans have been exposed to has varied over millions of years (Lebarbenchon & Brown et al., 2008). Pathogens have developed different defences and have also evolved and adapted themselves to evade the defence mechanisms of the human body (Janeway, 2001). Bacteria can change and evolve by spontaneously mutating or by obtaining resistance genes from other species of…

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