Essay about Evaluation Of Course Outline And The Strategic Role Of Hrm

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September 3, Lecture 1
Introduction, Review of Course Outline and the Strategic Role of HRM
On the first day of my class,I did not have proper undertanding of what human resource management means.I entered the class with a view that it is going to be just a normal introduction and course outline would be discussed in the class.According to my understanding human resources dealt with just recruiting people,but to my surpise there is much more to it than recruiting.Debra asked us to talk to the person sitting next to you and introduce each other and once done,pair up with the other team of two people and share your experiences,interests,background information.It was pretty much fun talking to unknown people from different countries and getting to know their good and bad experiences.after the introduction,course outline was reviewed and we got to know about about the journal and debate that we will have top present later in the future.Debra gave a little introduction about herself followed by her work experiences in the different fields.It was great knowing her and I was honestly amazed to know her varied expereince in different fields and how well she has managed everything.We started our course with introduction to strategic role of HRM(chapter 1).
Debra started with questioning students as to what HRM means to them.There were different viewpoints to this questions.She explained how HRM use to function in the past years and the way it has evolved.She used a lot of personal…

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