Evaluating Wordpress, An Open Source Website Creation Tool That Simplifies The Process Of Blogging And Content Management

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Heuristic and
Accessibility Evaluation of Wordpress.com

This report provides an analysis of the heuristic evaluation used to evaluate Wordpress, an open source website creation tool that simplifies the process of blogging and website content management. The heuristic evaluation will be performed using the “heuristics” provided by Jacob Nielsen.
For this evaluation, ten heuristics were used to analyze the core functionalities of Wordpress, which include creating blogs, managing website content easily and conveniently for users with no or very knowledge of coding. The goal is to identify major usability flaws in the Wordpress website using Jacob Neilson’s ten heuristic evaluations:

1. Visibility of system status
2. Match between system and the real world
3. User control and freedom
4. Consistency and standards
5. Error prevention
6. Recognition rather than recall
7. Flexibility and efficiency of use
8. Aesthetic and minimalist design
9. Help users recognize, diagnose, and recover from errors
10. Help and documentation


This report describes the heuristic process used to evaluate the Wordpress website and it’s findings. It describes the website, target audience and their goals from the website. Further on it provides and overview of the heuristic process and specific goals of the website and heuristic usability methods used during the evaluation walkthrough. Followed by a detailed summary of the findings and the problems discovered while using…

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