Evaluating How Team Function? Essay

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In this assignment the author will be exploring and evaluating how teams function. The assignment will also look at what contributing factors make a team work more effectively or less effectively. They will then look at leadership, what makes a good or bad leader and finally they will explore whether leadership has an impact on how effectively a team works.
Buisness Dictionary (2014) describes a team as a group of people that have a full set of complementary skills required to complete a set task. Team members share authority, responsibility for self-management and are all responsible for the collective performance of the team. Gold (2005) defines a team as “a group of agents with a common goal which can only be achieved by appropriate combinations of individual activities.” Most of the definitions of a team are similar to one another.
The nursing and midwifery council code of conduct (2008) states that “you must work cooperatively within a team and respect the skills, expertise and contributions of your colleagues.” The code also explains that you must be willing to share experience and skills with your colleagues to help enhance their professional development. You must also ask for advice and listen to advice from colleagues when required. Finally it states that you must work with all of your colleagues in an anti-discriminatory way.
Tuckman (1965) devised a team development model which suggests that teams go through four separate stages to develop as a team in order…

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