European Imperialism And Its Effects On The World Essay

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European Imperialism
Imperialism is a policy of extending a country’s power and influence through colonization, use of military force, or other means. Imperialism was a crucial part of the histories of many societies in the world. It benefitted some more than others, in this case the European’s. European Imperialism had both negative and positive effects on civilizations, but the negatives out weighted the positives. First example, would be British imperialism in India, and how they turned the native population against each other. Second example is on how slavery change the continent of Africa, and the amount of people affected by it. Third example is the exploration, conquest of the America’s, and the many atrocities that occurred there. Last example is the affect European Imperialism had on the whole world, and how people weren’t grateful for many things done by the Europeans.Although European Imperialism enhanced Europe’s economy, it had an utterly different impact on other societies such as Asia, Africa, and the America’s. Europeans went to these nations to empower, and support their own needs versus that of the native population.
Britain went into India to gain natural resources that they didn’t have in their own country. Also there was an internal conflict in India between different tribes, and the British were able to take advantage of the situation at hand. The British then went on to support certain groups by thinking that they were better than other groups. This…

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