Ethice Essay

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Shorter University

Rachelle Bell

Dr. Janet Grier

Light-Skin Women v Dark-Skin Women

In today world some people will only hired women who is light-skinned. Why? They want someone who is pretty and can bring more people to the company. The company thinks women who is light-skinned are pretty. A light-skinned woman have nice long hair, make-up is flawless, nails is well kept, clothes are the latest business suits. The woman might not have all of the qualifications but she will learn the ropes of the business. So they hired her and to top if off her salary is the highest and comes with a nice package. In back in the
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Just because she is dark-skinned doesn’t mean she is from African. This woman thinks highly about herself and will not let anyone mistreat her. The dark-skinned woman have a job and lives by herself, doesn’t depend on anyone to support her. She will not settle for any man. There are to many people today who think that light-skinned women are smart and dark-skinned women are dumb. A few years ago Tyra Banks did a show about skin color. Some women went to bleaching their skinned, because they though that they was ugly. When Tyra ask them how long they have been bleaching their skin, they said their whole life. One lady said that her mother told her that she could not go outside and play, because she will get darker and she will not find a husband being that black. So the lady was told this her whole life and she thought that she was ugly. One lady had kids and they came out dark and she started bleaching their skin and measuring the color of their skin and the time went on, just to see if they was getting lighter. She said that she didn’t want dark children and will contiune to bleach their skin. As parents we teach our kids about skin color. Kids don’t know nothing about color , if we stop judging someone on skin colored our kids will have a better look on life. I decided to use this topic because in school I had to deal with skin colored. Some teachers will let me do certain things because

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