Ethical Practice Standard 4, And Talk About The Ethics Essay

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In our nursing 110 class, professional nursing practice has been studied, using the College of Registered Nurses of British Columbia (CRNBC) Standards of Practice. In this paper, I focus on Ethical Practice Standard 4, and talk about the ethics involved in nursing by describing a narrative that includes many moral decisions that a nurse could potentially be involved in.
The Narrative Ed (a name used to protect client confidentiality) is a 95 year old man living in a long term care facility, who has severe dementia. In the past week, he has stopped being able to eat and drink thickened fluids because his swallowing reflex isn 't working. He has no detectable response to stimuli of any sort. The doctor in the care facility says his organs may begin to fail soon if he doesn 't soon eat and drink. Ed, 10 years previously, signed an advanced directive stating to not take any heroic measures at the end of his life, but his wife is now worried and insisting on tube feeding Ed. She argues that because his cognition is not longer present, she is now his voice in life or death. Most of Ed 's family are in disagreement of tube feeding to keep Ed alive for many reasons. Ed had said in the past that he didn 't want to suffer at the end of his life, but now he is rapidly losing weight, his skin is dying at bony sites, and his quality of life has been diminishing for years, without even the ability to walk or talk for the last 8 years. Ed has no physical or verbal responses, so his…

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