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Debit or Credit, Pick Your Plastic

(Gestner, L (2013) credit or debit, pick your plastic). The issue the author of (credit or debit, pick your plastic), is explaining which card of payment is best for an individual to use on a daily bases. An individual have three ways of payment, credit, debit and prepaid card. Although a person can pick between these choices they all have there pro’s and con’s. Choosing a right payment plan is very important, so you can manage your money at a better rate. The author (Gestner, L of debit or credit pick your credit) gave interesting view points on each section of payment that can be beneficial or hurtful if not understanding the hidden facts between them. To begin, there are three
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Also when having a debit card there is no paying interest like a typical credit card because you are not borrowing money, you are dealing with your own money. Individual with a traditional debit card can earn, “credit”, for their monthly deals the company offering. Unlike your debit card the credit card can help build your credit score. Some of the major credit card company can carry, “higher fraud protection”, describes in (The case for credit) 1st paragraph. Credit card is the only card that can cover, “damage to rentals cars”. With your credit card you have to watch out for the hidden, ”4%” fees for using your credit card. Prepaid card have some of the sane traditional value of a debit cards but charges you ATM fee when using it at another retailer bank, describes in last paragraph of the article. Prepaid card are the only card that doesn’t ask for a credit score. All in all, the author doesn’t pin point in which payment method is the best choice because it is on personal preference. Choosing a debit card over credit card and prepaid card has different values and ways to join one over the other one. An individual have to think do they rather have a higher interest rate or have over draft fee. Prepaid card can be a great choice but do you want to pay for ATM fee. In conclusion the author did an excellent pro’s and con’s information for people to understand which card method is best for them. Debit card you can

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