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PERSONAL REFLECTION JOURNAL Up to the end of term 1, we have finished the sense and sensibility phrase and empathy phrase. In sense and sensibility stage, we have come out with our issues and project statement which is “How can we help the locals and foreign students to socialise better?” In the empathy stage, we had done an interview to our potential users and drawn a persona with the data collected. In this project, especially for the empathy stage, I learned better in how to use design thinking tools. One thing that I think especially useful is the interview. It is applied during empathy phrase to gather insights about the relationship between locals and foreign students. Before the interview, my idea of the relationship between …show more content…
The method we use to resolve this issue is through voting, everyone in the group is force to contribute at least one issue and a vote is casted. Looking back at it, although it did resolve the problem, I do not find that as successful. When we have to articulate project statement and adding SPICE, we need a lot of help from the teacher to squeeze out something. Some of the points are rather shallow and vague. For example in social and communication, we only write “talk more”. It is only till we have done the interview then we know the situation better. If I have a chance to use design thinking tools again, I wish I can have more time in researching before coming up with the issues or to do the empathy phrase before sense and sensibility phrase. Other DT tools we have used in this project include clustering of insights and doing persona. They are useful tools as well as they help us to see what is common between the different people we interviewed and their common thoughts, through this, we are able to generate insights and to identify the needs of our potential user. By doing persona, it describes all the data collected in visual form and it help us to visualise and make sense of the data better. When we clustering insights, we transcribe the data collected from interviews into points then we cluster the post-it notes according to common patterns/themes. Next, we gather insights from the common theme. For

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