English Law And Where The Law Originated From Essay

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‘Whilst it may be true to say that English Law derives from several different sources, it is also important to explain that some sources are superior to others.’
Critically analysing this statement research will be carried out to define English Law and where the law originated from. In addition research will be carried out to specify what are the main sources of law are and how they are superior to one another.
In the eighth and ninth century England was a subdivided country with many cultures and tribal groups arising from the reign of the Anglo Saxons. Throughout the country many laws and views were expressed among groups and local areas governed themselves with their own religious beliefs and systems of law. These laws derived from the ancestral, local custom and cultural traditions.
Local Custom applies to the rules and cultural guidelines of particular areas in a county or parish (Keith Abbott, et al., 2013). For example, the custom of ‘Gavelkind.’ This custom law was located in Kent in which operated in an intestate’s property. Normally, the common law would state all assets would go to the eldest in the family, which this law would be practiced throughout most areas in the country, however, in this case the county of Kent applied the custom law stating that the property could be shared between the two sons of the past father. (Keith Abbott, et al., 2013).
In the year 1066 the Norman Invasion of England occurred, otherwise known as The Battle of Hastings when William…

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