English Colonial and Native American Relations Essay

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Based on these documents, back in the seventeenth century the Native American Indians were treated like crap. Some colonists viewed the Indians as pushovers that owned a lot of land. Now there were also colonists some colonists that gelt that the colonists as a whole should set some land boundaries for the Indians to have so that there would not be any more wars or battle over land. “ I should think that it requisite that convenient tracts of land should be set out for them; otherwise I fear that as we increase and think that we want even more room, they will think that we will never leave until we have crowded them quite out of all of their lands” (Samuel Sewall, A Letter Regarding Relations with the Indians). What is really …show more content…
Location was a big factor because, over on the East coast you have the nicer Indians that actually gave you a chance to be friends with them, whereas, as more and more colonists started heading West they ran across some of the worst Indian tribes. For instance, in Texas, colonists ran across some Indian tribes that practiced cannibalism. One major “trade” that was happening as colonists settled in was a trade of the Indians’ many Gods for the colonist’s one God. The colonists used many different ways to convert the Indians including: Preaching, Handing out translated versions of the Bible, forcing them into converting, propaganda, and even bribery. “ … I am apt to believe that if the Indians so qualified were more than taken notice of in suitable rewards, it would conduce very much to the propagation of the Gospel among them. Besides the content they might have in a provision of necessary food and raiment, the respect and honor of it would quicken their industry and allure to others to take pains into fitting themselves for a fruitful discharge of those offices “ ( Samuel Sewall, Letter Regarding Relations with the Indians ) . The Indians being incorporated into society was based on mainly two things: If the Indians had something that the colonists needed or wanted and whether or not the colonists believed that they could convert a few, and then give them really nice positions/ jobs in the community, as a way of

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