Essay about Employment at Will Doctrine

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As manager and supervisor of the accounting department it is my duty to address and resolve conflicts as they arise. My goal is to address issues within the employment-at-will doctrine as well as provide ways to approach an employee that is not meeting company expectations. There are some key actions involved with resolving a conflict within the work place. It is best to establish a mutual involvement, meaning both parties should take some responsibility. As management it is important to seek to understand the other person’s point of view. I would provide my perspective of the problem and how I feel it is impacting the company and then together decide on an appropriate plan of action. After taking time out to discuss the situation I would …show more content…
Take time to listen to her, this will encourage her to go beyond simply stating her position and more into her expressing some of the underlying feelings, interests, and needs that may be fueling her negative responses. Although I may have over heard the confrontation Jennifer had with her direct manager I do not want to approach the situation taking sides. Assume and admit that you do not have all the information. Being open will help make her feel more like cooperating. Start with open ended questions that will generate information and improve understanding. Once I have taken time out to listen to Jennifer’s overall concerns or perception I would then present my perspective and how her behavior impacts the company. I would provide open and honest observations that are factual and nonjudgmental.
In response to Jennifer’s undergraduate experience let her know that we welcome her education and appreciate her knowledge. Advise Jennifer that the attendance policy is not directed only towards her but it is something we request all of our employees to abide by for the benefit of the company. During the discussion time suggested above you may find that Jennifer is late or absent due to family medical issues which would be admissible however she must take the appropriate steps to apply for FMLA is applicable. (Arkansas Department of Labor)
If Jennifer is still not receptive to the

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