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Pregnant employees have legal rights on their employers in the English law. The law is strict and focuses clearly on the benefits a pregnant woman will get from the employer once she is expecting. The foremost important things to remember is to know your rights. Nadia is scared because she fears of losing her job once her line manager Gemma finds out about her pregnancy. The advice to Nadia is that the law is there to protect the employees from such scenarios that arise and make sure the employees reap the benefits from the laws. All women who get pregnant have certain basic legal rights which include; time off for antenatal care, leave for maternity and safeguard from dismissal,unjust treatment. …show more content…
It is mandatory that this risk assessment must be reviewed from time to time and even when the woman finally returns to work. The case of Nadia, where Gemma feels that she has to cut costs of the firm. A pregnant woman can take a realistic period of time off for antenatal care and relaxation. All women have this right and so despite the claims of Gemma, the law gives Nadia the right to take this leave irrespective of the number of hours she works and how long she has been employed by the firm. Employers cannot make any changes to the pregnant woman’s contract terms and conditions; otherwise they will be in breach of contract. A pregnant woman is entitled to a year of maternity leave, which are 26 weeks of ordinary maternity leave and 26 weeks of additional maternity leave (Gov.UK).
The employment terms, for instance, the pension contributions are protected while you are on Statutory Maternity Leave. If an employee is made redundant, like the line manager of Nadia points out that the employee has additional rights. During this leave period, the Statutory Maternity Pay is 90% of your average salary for the first six weeks, after which a person is paid 90% of her average earnings. Once the pregnant woman comes back to work she can take back exactly the same job she had left, however, if that job does not exist than the employer should provide an alternative job that has similar terms.
The law does not permit the employer to treat any

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