Emotional Intelligence And Its Effects On Mental Cognition Essay

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Sometimes, someone may experience abuse throughout their childhoods, which may end up harming their future standard of living and pursuit of goals. They may be supremely skilled in an aspect of work such as carpentry, but the past abuse and lasting effects on their mental cognition is keeping them from putting forth the effort in which they would like to exude. The problem is not a question of their level of educational intellect, but rather an issue of mental clarity. They start questioning themselves over the smallest and simplest decisions, yet still can not seem to fight the urges which keep them from forming rational conclusions. This can be attributed to the subject of emotional intelligence. Before I go into detail about “emotional intelligence”, it is important to formulate a clear definition of what emotional intelligence is and why it is important to us.

Social/ Emotional Learning and Intelligence
Emotional intelligence is essentially the management of emotions. One that just let 's their emotions and sudden urges run their lives have a low management of emotions, thus low emotional intelligence. Emotions, as Daniel Goleman said, come from the primitive part of the human brain. However, one can learn, (using the more advanced/developed part of the brain) to manage emotions and not act upon impulse, thus raising one 's EQ. In contrast, IQ comes from the more advanced/developed part of the brain at the start, thus there is no "higher level" to manage it, and…

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