Essay on Ellen Moore: Living and Working in Korea

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« Ellen Moore (A): living and working in Korea »

* Why is Ellen successful as a manager?

Ellen Moore is a hard-worker person and she did a lot of study to acquire a good status. Every job she had, before going to Korea, were successfully achieved. In fact she quickly got a good level in the hierarchy of every company which she had worked for. So, she was chosen to accomplish this project with a truly confidence of her superior. In addition of her skills and study, she also had a really hard experience in Bahrain. A very difficult culture for a woman, there she had to gain respect among men but because of this difference, she acquired high skills in capability, creativity, and project management. So, when she arrived in Korea she
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Indeed by showing motivation of knowing her partners she will maybe find a way of showing, sharing her culture and maybe Jack will appreciate that and understand more about their culture differences. I think she also needs to talk in private with Jack to clarify the situation and let him know that she is clearly not here to compete with him but to work together for a common project. I think these two advises could help her to find a way of making efficient work and maybe having new friends.

* What are her objectives? Are these objectives and actions consistent with what you would do if you were in her situation?

Ellen Moore was sent to Korea to manage a project involving consultants from Korea and North America to represent a joint venture between a North American information technology company and a major Korean conglomerate. Globally, she failed to achieve this project so she didn’t reach her objectives. So, if I will be in her situation, I will do some actions differently. Due to the one month delay, I will organize a big meeting to set targets and clarify how to proceed during these 30 days of common work. Furthermore, I will organize a trip during the first week-end to make a good harmony between managers and employees, organizing some games, activities like hiking or biking and some good meals. I think, after this first week, a certain harmony will appear in the group and some relationship will emerge. To create a good partnership between the

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