Essay about Egg Windowing

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June Hayden R. Sinson

Ramon Magsaysay High School - Espaǹa

Arturo A. Tolentino,

Caloocan City Science High School

 The

study of development has been greatly aided by the use of the chick embryo as an experimental model.

It is necessary to open the eggshell and reclose it without perturbing the embryo's growth. The embryo can be examined at successive developmental stages by re-opening the eggshell. 



at 37°C with relative humidity that was set above
60%, remove the eggs from the incubator.  Turn

eggs 90 degrees so that the large base lies horizontal where your embryo is located. Saturate

a stack of nonsterile gauze with 70% ethanol. Use

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 Remove

the scissors and repeat going in the opposite direction until only a small bit of the egg remains attached.
Check to be sure the egg is fertilized.
Shut the window.

 Cut

about a 2-3" long by 1/2" wide plastic tape and shut the window so it fits back into the hole that was cut. Take another 1 x 1" piece of tape and seal the hole from which the egg was drained. Use a pair of forceps to reopen the egg to do any manipulations.
When you're ready to return the eggs to the incubator, cut a piece of tape that is large enough to seal the window and cover the entire horizontal surface of the egg.

 J Vis

Exp. 2007; (8): 306.
Published online 2007 October
1. doi: 10.3791/306
PMCID: PMC2562489
Matthew J. Korn and Karina S. Cramer
 :
Windowing Chicken Eggs for
Developmental Studies

Avian egg is a useful animal model for studies concerning early embryonic development. The model is particularly advantageous of the ease by which the avian embryo may be accessed and handled.

Numerous bioassays revolving around avian embryos have been developed..

Avian eggs may be used for teratogenicity studies. Choriooallantoic membrane (CAM assay.

Egg windowing
• Process by which the egg is opened and the embryo revealed for manipulation.

1.Perform egg candling in order to determine the position of the embryo. This can be done by holding the egg

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