Effects Of Alcohol On The World Of Adventure With War Stories And Bonding Customs

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Sociologist Thomas Vander Ven, author of Getting Wasted, states that “the history of alcohol research is the history of pathology. There’s a lot of focus on addiction, and the ways in which alcohol destroys lives and destroys families, and in [the] college drinking world in particular, there are these long lists and inventories of all its harms.” Alcohol drinking holds a mystical charm because alcohol would make students feel socially skillful, superbly spontaneous, and far more fun than ever been before. As a college student, fellow students are away from the control of their parents for the first time and want to try what the world has to offer, which includes alcohol that was banned in their childhood. Creating a world of adventure with war stories and bonding customs, alcohol is also a way for hooking up, meeting people, and having romantic and sexual relations. When under the influence of alcohol, college students are more likely to do things that they normally wouldn’t do — display affection to peers, get angry, get more inspired to sing and dance, take risks and act wild as there’s a load of giggling. Alcohol sickness, incarceration, and temper gives an chance to care for one another and deliver social support because of young adults who, for the first time, are taking care of, staying up all night with, and consoling distraught sick drunks. Alcohol is an opportunity to try on adult roles, but also sort of a perfect storm to produce high-risk behavior. Especially…

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