Effects Of Alcohol Abuse On Children Essay

1649 Words Nov 23rd, 2014 7 Pages
Have you ever wonder who discovered Alcohol. It is my guest that each culture in the world has its very own story. Whatever the story the effects of alcohol abuse are the same. The word alcohol comes from the Arabic word “al-kohl.” The word alcohol was used during that time to describe a type of eyeliner that women tin the Middle ease wore before it became a drink (1). Since that time alcohol is made all over the world by individuals, large and small groups because of the easy and simple process of how it is made. Alcohol first began in the homes of individuals and its exposure to children from seeing family member drink became a way of life. In some family cultures alcohol is a daily practice for all family members to drink alcohol during meals (2). In our culture, the United Stated alcohol is legal for any person 21 and older (3). What is alarming is the responsibility of the effects of drinking need to be covered. Just because someone is 21 does not mean that they are mature enough to control the amount that is consumed. It is not the alcohol that is bad it is the use. Alcohol is a drug and it should be treated as one. When people are prescribed a drug from the doctor, the doctor gives instructions on how it is to be taken based on the condition, age, and how much a person weighs. Alcohol stores just distribute alcohol from the shelf with instruction on how it is to be taken. Doctors are liable if they over medicate a person in their care and the same…

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