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Sequential Control Structures Problem

1. Compute the weekly salary, both gross and net for an employee who works hrs hours a week with an hourly rate of rate pesos (assume no overtime). Deductions are sss percent for social security system and 5% for health insurance. Output gross, sss deduction, health insurance deduction, total deductions, and net weekly salary. 2. Find the total cost of four tires if the price list of each is price pesos, VAT is not included which is 10% per tire. Output the total amount of value added tax and the cost of four tires before and after the imposed tax. 3. Determine the yearly income and savings of a person whose weekly income and average monthly expenses
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Quantity of each items sold and tax rate on profits are the inputs.

9. Construct a flowchart and write a program that accepts account no., account name, item pawned, amt and term (month). Obtain the total interest amount to be paid if the monthly interest is 3%. Additional charges of 1.5 % handling fee and 5% as insurance fee are also computed. Display account no., account name, amount, term and total interest amount, handling fee, insurance fee and total amount to be paid by the customer upon redemption.

10. Construct a flowchart and write a program that determines the monthly net pay of an employee who is also required to work overtime depending on the company’s needs. His monthly regular working-day is 26. So, whatever excess of 26 days is his overtime. The program takes in employee number, name, regular employee rate and number of days worked. Monthly pay is computed by multiplying regular working days by regular employee rate while overtime pay is computed by multiplying the excess of regular working days by one and a half rate of the regular employee rate. Gross pay is the sum of monthly pay and overtime pay. Subtract deductions from gross pay to obtain the monthly net pay. Deductions consist of 350 for SSS, 200 for Phil. Health, and 3% of gross pay for withholding tax. Display monthly pay, overtime pay, gross pay, deductions, and monthly net pay.

Decision Control Structures Problems 1. Write a

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