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Assignment 3
Plan an e – commerce strategy.
Throughout this assignment I will be reviewing various existing e commerce websites which will allow me to develop a strategy plan for around the clock in terms of e - commerce. Throughout this assignment I will be reviewing up to three different e-commerce websites. These websites include Amazon, Asda and Microsoft. Amazon is what is known as an e – tailor website whereas the other two are what’s known as existing retailers. Screenshots will be included throughout this assignment which will give a clear outlook on the levels of detail that are included in terms of an e-commerce strategy. The areas I will be focusing on is as followed: how easy it is to use for the user or the actual
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The following screenshots show how you can use sub sections to find the watch you need.

2-Cart- Does the system allows users to easily shop and keep track of what's in their cart and edit this?
On amazon you have something called a basket. The number of items in the basket changes every time you click adds to basket. From this screenshot you can see that there are currently two items that are in the basket. From the green writing you can see that the item has been added successfully.

If a user wanted to check what was in their basket then they would click in the top right hand corner and a drop down option would appear to show the user what was in their basket.

Once you are in your basket you can edit what is in it.
While in the basket you can save an item until later and you can also change the quantity of the items you have placed in your basket.

If necessary you can also delete a product from the basket if you have decided you do not want it anymore.

Display of products
When a company decides to display a product that they sell they will make sure that an image, description and price of the product is displayed to the potential customer.
Again using Amazon you can see that when the website you can see the following:
The tells the customer the title of the movie.
The tells the customer the title of the movie.

The customer is able to see if the product is in stock.
The customer is able to see if the product is in

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