Essay about E Commerce And Its Effects On Our Society

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Not so long ago doing everyday activities, such as banking, shopping, going to school, working, attending an auction, choosing colors of paint, buying furniture, and just about anything one can think of that used to be done by going places to do things can now be done on a computer in the comfort of one’s home. So what keeps more people from embracing e-commerce? Fear. Naturally, many have fear that their personal data is not secure and their identities will be hacked. They are afraid their privacy will be breached and unsolicited malfeasors will bury them in spam. Perhaps they have tried to do business online, but have found the website difficult to navigate. They may have questions about products, but no way to get answers. There are, however, some websites that are able to alleviate e-commerce fear by being strong in each of the areas that have been of concern to consumers.
Website Security
Amarillo National Bank (“ANB”),, is a very successful family-owned bank in Amarillo, Texas, that has been in business for over 120 years. It is the largest 100% family-owned bank in the nation. In 1999, Texas Monthly named the Ware family the “Bankers of the Century.” As such, they know a thing or two about on-line banking security. The security at ANB is based upon the identification of users and authority levels maintained by the bank. There is a process for maximum security that is part user responsibility, and part technology utilized by the bank. The…

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