E-Business Task 2 Essay

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Business Task 2

A1. How you will facilitate customer payment using e-commerce solutions?
The winery will be using Go Daddy payment solutions and integrate that with Quick shopping cart on the updated web site. Go Daddy payment solutions would be a fairly inexpensive solution at less than $5.00 per month for processing customer payments. Go Daddy has a shopping cart program called quick shopping cart, that we will use as the company shopping cart for the newly launched site. Once a merchant account is setup with Go daddy the business will be able to accept credit card payments. This will allow the winery to accept all major credit cards, debit cards and gift cards, to be more successful for web purchases. There is a small monthly fee
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The customer’s payment will be easily processed on the website. The client will view images and descriptions of the wines and other products available through the shopping cart. The customer will make their selections and then click the proceed to checkout button. At this point the customer will leave the shopping cart and be transferred to the payment screen. Because the shopping cart is so customizable with numerous customizable layouts to choose from the customer will never realize they have left the wineries website. Once on the payment screen the buyer will be able to enter or confirm their bill to and ship to addresses, as well as update e-mails and other demographics. The customer would be able to make their payment with a major credit card, gift card or PayPal. If the customer has previously made a payment on the website, that payment method can default based on the customers login settings. When the Pulpal option is used it too has the capability to have the PayPal information default based on the customer’s settings. If the cutomer is making their first purchase they will need to enter their entire credit card, expiration date and security code. Once the payment method is chosen and entered and verified the payment will be processed. A receipt confirming the order and

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