Drugs, Money, And Society Essay examples

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Drugs, Money, and Society Many people say that the society that we live in today is drifting away from rehabilitation, and has moved in many aspects to over-criminalization and determined sentencing. While on the other hand, opponents to that perception believe that there are already many laws implemented in order to keep convictions and incarceration at a steady rate and that criminalization of certain offenses is needed to curve crime today. In California, the possession of an illegal substance can lead you to a lengthy prison sentence. From the arrest, to the trial, to the sentencing, your tax paying dollars are at work going towards what some call the never-ending cycle of the criminal justice system. Proposition 47, an attempt to reduce the penalty of non-violent felonies to misdemeanors is intended to reduce prison spending, allow law enforcement to focus on violent and serious crimes, and redirect savings to educational and rehabilitation programs to prevent the recurrent acts. In the U.S., there are an expansive amount of policies that criminalize drug possession and drug use while failing to provide access to effective prevention or treatment, which many say is a more effective method of curving overcrowding, increased spending, and criminalization of petty non- violent crimes than harsh sentencing. The California penal code characterizes a felony as basically the most serious crime including murder, rape (serious/violent) and Grand theft auto or possession of an…

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