Essay on Drug Testing For Welfare Recipients

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Drug Testing for Welfare Recipients
Americans who are struggling to provide basic needs to themselves and their family and depend on public assistance, executing feeble policies regarding drug-testing is reprehensible and unconstitutional. Since 1996 states have proposed drug testing for recipients of public welfare benefits. Even though I do believe that programs like Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), Medi-cal, and welfare should only be used temporarily, drug-testing is not the answer. We should look at the bigger picture and see how the government would be depriving the low-income and poor of their constitutional rights. There is also the matter of cost of the drug-test and effectiveness to the goal the government wants to reach.
According to the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation studies of substance abuse among welfare recipients vary widely, due to measurement methods, different thresholds of what is defined as substance abuse, and also whether nor not alcohol and prescription drugs are included. Higher rates are seen among single men who are recipients, while the number is as low as five percent in single parents who are on TANF. Should we drug test everyone who applies or is a recipient of public assistance because maybe five percent of people receiving assistance is abusing drugs. I don’t believe so; this is a direct violation of our fourth amendment.
At the center of this debate is the Fourth Amendment where an…

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