Essay on Drug Addiction : Physical And Emotional Effects

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Teen Drug Addiction Physical and Emotional Effects In the United States, according to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, a dilemma arose, 1.8 million teens suffered from drug addiction in 2009 (Currie-McGhee, L. K, 2012, p.8). Teenagers have begun to plummet into the impractical idea that drugs are not detrimental. In actuality drugs have been present in the majority of teens who show negligent behavior. For example, 94% of teens who are arrested have attempted drugs at least once (Currie-McGhee, L. K, 2012, p.37). The research stated below discusses the different types of addictions, why teens turn to drugs, and the effects of substance abuse; which will all be discussed by answering the following questions below:
• Why do teens use drugs?
• What are the most commonly abused drugs?
• What are the physical and emotional effects of drug addiction?
• What are therapy options for drug addicts?
Drug addiction creates enduring effects on teens and deteriorates teens physically and emotionally.
Why do teens use drugs? Teens have turned to drug addiction because it is conveniently available. With easy access teens have begun experimenting with drugs and have turned to the Internet in search of ways to create their own. The Internet has provided information on turning a straightforward product such as germ-x into a drug. Marijuana ranks the highest in the easiest drug to obtain; as shown in a 2004 survey, 85.8% of high school seniors stated they could obtain marijuana…

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