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Dracula 1931
Directed by: Tod Browning and Karl Freund

Writing Credits: Bram Stoker, Hamilton Deane, John L Balderston, Garrett Fort, Louis Bromfield, Tod Browning, Max Cohen, Dudley Murphy, Louis Stevens
Producers: E.M. Asher, Tod Browing, Carl Laemmle Jr
Cinematographer: Karl Freund
Film Editing: Milton Carruth
Art Direction: Charles D. Hall
Production Management: John Hoffman, Herman Rosse
Second Unit Director or Assistant Director: Scott R. Beal, Herman Schlom
Sound Department: C. Roy Hunter, Jack Bolger, Jack Foley, William Hedgcock
Art Department: John Hoffman, Charles A. Logue, Herman Rosse
Camera and Electrical Department: Frank H. Booth, Joseph Brotherton, Roman Freulich, King D. Gray
Script Supervisor:

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The movie in the beginning starts with them traveling on a dark night down a path setting the scene for the horror that will follow. The lighting is perfect where it makes the scene seem so full of anticipation and when he arrives at the castle it shows the perfection of the webs that have been made but none get broken. When we think about villains in a movie Dracula or a vampire definitely are ones we think about. They are immortal beings that are out for harm so that they can feed and quench their desire for the human blood.

Many different films have been made about the vampires each one gives its twists on the creature. In the beginning with Dracula the way to keep him away was to have garlic and one of the only ways to kill him was to impale him with a stake. It is a great concept that the writers had on this since in many movies made later they changed this concept. Browning set the plot almost perfectly with this movie where in the first ten minutes of the movie you are captivated and full of anticipation of what is going to happen.

The sound effects with this black and white film also are quite remarkable for the time, with the constant wolf howling and the eerie noises that are being played with the film it is easy to get caught up in the film. Much of the time when we are scared it is from the anticipation of what is going to happen, with Dracula it is that everyone around him is vulnerable to

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